Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I hate meth

Now I am not a fan of crystal meth. I have never had it and never intend to. And I hate what it has done to the scene in my home city. 6 or 7 years ago a Friday night trip to the sauna would be a thoroughly satisfying fuck fest every time. Now that crystal has its claws in, it's nearly always a pathetic waste of time.
Here's the deal - nearly everybody now is a bottom because Tina makes them all want to be. And for those who still want to top she has a surprise in store - you'll never be able to get it up! Yes last Friday night I made a schlep to the sauna only to find 8 out of 10 guys there were on it, and the rest were just plain rolling drunk. 10 different 'tops' tried it on with me over the course of the evening and not a single one could get a hard on. Yes, not one single hard cock!!! Here's the thing, if you have any intention of being a top and fucking another guy, you need a hard on!! And unfortunately the popularity of meth means that most can't. According to an article I read recently, 'crystal dick' is a thing of the past thanks to viagra. Well not so where I live...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Power topping with a fuck buddy

There's nothing I like more than riding a cock. Except maybe for a top who lets me ride them and take total control -and my fuck buddy Mr P. always does that. We had been trying to arrange a hookup for a week when I got the office cold and had to cancel so it was with great enthusiasm on both our parts that we finally got it together last Thursday.
Now Mr P. loves my butt - passionately loves it. And he loves nothing better than lying on his back and having me sit on it. This is when my pig power bottom personality really comes out. I refuse to let him thrust, and take total control, constantly teasing him and denying him the chance to stick it all the way in until I am ready. And I always sit all the way down when he least expects it, leaving him panting for more.
Me: 'You want to go all the way inside don't you?'
Mr P: 'Oh my God yes'.
Me: 'Not yet'.
It's tremendous fun, and Mr P.'s cock is large and uncut, so I am of course in my element.
We may not get together as often as we would like, but it's always fulfilling.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Arab muscle pump

Last week I decided to visit a cruise club here which I have not been to in years. Normally I give it a wide berth as it attracts a young fashion mad 'posey crowd' which (other than the 'young') is not my thing. Nevertheless, a few of my BB buddies have had great success there so I thought I would have a quick look.
Of course, the old fashion crowd were there in full force, AND as is always the case in this town, most of them were tweaking off their heads on meth. Yecch. One hot guy even asked me if I could "try and get him hard" 'cause he was on meth. Hmmm. Funnily enough I do not see it as my job to help guys overcome their drugs and get an erection.
So I waited a while and observed. There was this one guy - young, tall, shirtless and incredibly hairy hot Arab. Everyone in the place was flirting with him outrageously and he was loving it. I settled myself into a room with the door open, pulled down the top of my jeans to reveal my arse and waited.
I have to say i couldn't stop looking at Mr Arab, but had no expectation that he was interested in me, then in the room he came. Quickly he pushed my head onto his hard stumpy cut cock and got me sucking away before almost throwing me on my back and pushing it in. Now the room was a mirror room so both of us could look up to the ceiling and view the entire fuck. Woah! It was super super hot! Soon he asked my favourite question.. "Can I cum inside you?". Fuck yes! He blew furiously, whipped it out, wiped it off and ran out.
Then for the next half hour, he would walk past the room from time to time and sneak me a cheeky grin. Then in he came again and began round 2. This time he took more time, putting it in and out of me slowly and really making my butt feel it. Befoer long, he pulled out his iPhone and video-d the process of putting it in and easing it our of my butt for several minutes. Fuck what a turn on! Soon sadly, it was too much for him to bear and he shot again.
Hopefully I will see him again.....

Irish Bear with a huge cock.

Now I love Bears, but I have never seen one with what I would call a truly huge cock...until now. I was bored witless and going no where fast on BBRTS when this guy hit me up with a cock pick and invited me over to get pounded.
The photo revealed a large looking uncut cock which immediately got my attention. I jumped in the car and said I would call him upon arrival. When he answered the phone it was with a gruff sounding Irish accent. Mmmm!
The door of his apartment opened to reveal a tall, hot bear who proceeded to pounce on me and begin a furious and very capable kissing session, whilst pressing his ever growing bulge against mine.
Then...he whipped it out.

It was far, far more impressive than the picture suggested, being close to 9 inches long, fatter than the inside of a toilet paper roll, with an even fatter head, incredibly long foreskin and encrusted with angry looking veins. I leapt on it, sucking madly and chewing like a maniac on the foreskin. This got him worked up into a lather, and he quickly turned me around, bent me over his kitchen table, spat on it and proceeded to fuck me like crazy.
Soon we were on the floor, and cameras were flying to document the occasion, Eventually he asked in his Irish brogue "would you like me to cum in you now then?" Of course I did.
Then it happened. He moaned and groaned and panted and shot violently in my butt before pulling out and oozing all over the carpet (see photo).
Oh and he text messaged me later that he would love to do it again ay time I wanted... to be sure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Punky fantasy round 2

Yes I have been away for work and have been in the sexual desert lately, so it was great to hear from my Punky young fantasy top on the weekend.
As before, he opened the door in his t shirt and track suit pants and ushered me upstairs (the flatmates were home this time). We had barely started kissing when I looked down to see a tent in his track pants as he sported the most rock solid, fat vertical hard on. Luckily this guy is not of the 'pump and dump' school and likes to take his time. 20 minutes of intense kissing, mutual cock sucking and body grinding later....I lubed up his torpedo cock and slowly sat down on it. It takes me a few minutes of slow riding to get used to it as it's incredibly hard and fat, but when I do....I could ride that fucker all day. As a top, he is remarkably skilled for a 23 year old, and loves fucking guys older than himself so...I am a happy man.
Over an hour of fucking later and he was really ready to cum, and when he did it was quite spectacular - panting, moaning and throbbing inside my arse, and he likes to stay in there for a few minutes afterwards. Mmmmmm.
Well I am hoping this is the start of a long and fruitful fuckbuddy relationship. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Same guy, different outcome

It's funny how 2 fucks with the same guy can turn out so differently.
I recently met up with a guy from BBRTS - Maori, large uncut knob. I rode it for nearly half and hour and the sensations were amazing - hard yet with that sliding smoothness that comes from being fucked by a cock with a foreskin. He was in heaven, moaning and groaning and I found it very easy to control the mood as I rode it.
Yesterday, we hooked up for a repeat. It was somewhat less-than. Firstly, he had some poppers and wasn't quite as hard as he should have been. This made for difficult entry and he had trouble keeping it in on more than one occasion. Secondly, his vocal enthusiasm was absent. I do like to hear a top let me know that he is enjoying the fuck as much as me. Don't get me wrong, Jeff Stryker like "you love that big cock, don't you?" exclamations really don't do it for me, but I do like to hear something. Thirdly, he came within less than 5 minutes. Not quite 'baboon sex' but pretty close.
I am hoping he was just having an off day and that we can perhaps have a repeat of our first encounter at some stage. Time will tell....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

4 loads, 4 dud fucks

For some bottoms who love to be bred, the load is the goal and the fuck itself is less important. For me that is not the case. Yes I love it when a guy madly unloads in me but the process of getting there is equally important. A dud fuck is a dud fuck whether the guy unloads or not. And yesterday I had 4!
Off to the sauna I went on a dull and cold Sunday afternoon, in search of the warmth of the steam room, and hopefully a great fuck. I had 4 fucks which all deposited loads, yet all 4 were boring, and almost identical.
1 - All 4 cocks were circumcised which was ok, but I was hoping for at least 1 uncut knob.
2 - All were around 4 inches long, which is also ok but again was hoping for a biggie at some stage.
3 - None of the guys could get fully hard. Sadly the phenomenon of 'Mr Floppy' has dramatically increased in my home town over the last 6 or 7 years. If I had a dollar for ever time I heard "sorry mate I can't get hard, I've had too much drink/meth/E/dope etc..." I would be rich indeed. Also, note to tops - a half hard cock can actually be quite uncomfortable/bordering on painful.
4 - All came within only a few thrusts.
Am off to meet a new fuck buddy today who has 8 inches of uncut glory, so things are looking up!